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Why Parents Kill Their Own Children | Psychological and Social Effects

Why Parents Kill Their Own Children | Psychological and Social Effects

Tragedy in Pakistan

A Few days ago a tragedy occurred in Pakistan in District Layyah where parents kill their own children. A father poisoned his 5 children first and then poisoned himselfMedia has discovered this tragic story which has gone viral in Pakistan.
The reason behind this madness of a father were domestic problems. Or some kind of a psychological case, it is yet to be decided
But the main thing is that
Since the birth of Adam and Eve, none has killed his own child and killed himself also. But now in this modern era, it has happened.
and it was the only telecasted case. There might be many other fathers and mothers in far away areas suffering from
domestic problems like poverty and some sort of mental disease.
But in the whole story, the victims are only POOR INNOCENT CHILDREN.
Is it governments fault or it is the fault of the system? In which men’s desire to be better than his neighbor is increasing day by day. And his inner greed is increasing like an epidemic.
Why Parents Kill Their Own Children | Psychological and Social Effects

Leader of all the Leaders 

I would say that it is the system which has set some standards upon which only the rich one can enjoy the bounties of life and the poor has to suffer.
When I read these circumstances my eyes begin to shed tears and my desire to have a leader like MUHAMMAD (Peace Be upon him)–the Holy Prophet of Muslims–
He was the one on upon whom the historians agree that there was no better leader than him. And there would be no one better than him until the end of this world.
He was the one who made the money to circulate from the hands of the rich to the hands of the poor. He gave the rights to those who were being mistreated from the centuries. And he said that ” The one who kills any human, kills the whole Humanity. And the one who saves any human saves the whole humanity”
This world again needs a leader like him. Because a nation follows the footsteps of their leaders. And the leaders are the personalities who lead the nation towards what is right and what is wrong. Leaders give them a system according to which the nation lives and becomes a nation in a true sense. Then there will be justice in the society and the news like ” Parents kill their own children” will be heard.

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