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The Most Dangerous Animals for Humans in the World Last Part

/This is the last part of the article. In its first and second part, I have written the information about the most dangerous animals alligators, sharks, leopards, and wolves. If you have not read those 2 articles then first read them. You can read the first article by clicking HERE
and for the second article click HERE.


Crocodiles are on the list of those kinds of reptiles which can live both on land and in water. These are present in Africa, Asia, America and Australia. Crocodiles feed on fishes, birds, and other small deer-like animals. They are present on the earth for 55 million years. Its ferocious jaws and sharp teeth are the symbols of its power but its tail is also a point of its power. Its tongue cannot move freely. This is because the panniculus inside its mouth is the cause of the limited movement of its tongue. The most sensitive part of its body is the plain skin of its belly. The length of crocodile ranges from 5 feet to 30 feet and its weight could be 1000 kilograms.
 The Most Dangerous Animals for Humans in the World Last Part
The most interesting thing is that unlike humans, it can replace its old teeth with the new teeth 80 times in its 35 to 75 years of life. As the eyes, nose, and ears of a crocodile are at the top of its head so it has the ability to hide its whole body inside the water. Due to this ability of crocodile, its prey remains unaware of its presence. Its sense of vision, sense of hearing and sense of smell is very sharp. It can live for a long period of time without any food. It can move with swiftness on land too.
Female crocodile lays eggs on land and hides it with mud and bushes. In the old Egyptian Culture, it had religious importance too. “Crocodiles tear” is a very famous idiomatic expression in many languages. Purse, jackets and other things like these are made by its skin.

Humans killed Every Year

1000 people die due to this ferocious animal every year.


These are parasitical insects which enter into the small intestine of a human body through our food or our pet animals and grow there. In the beginning, they are like a small sticky piece. Except for its head, its whole body is called proglottids. This piece could be 3 millimeters long. Every piece breeds with the eggs present in its tail and goes on making pieces with pieces. In this way, their quantity goes on increasing. The longest ever tapeworm found was 82 feet. Their average age is near about 30 years.

Humans killed Every Year

These worms generate the infections inside the human body. Thus 2000 to 2500 people die due to these tapeworms every year.


I think no one is unaware of this vicious animal. It is famous for its poisonous and aggressive nature. It has color, size, and weight according to its geographical distribution. The most dangerous of them is black Scorpion. It has 8 legs and curved tail in which poisonous sting is hidden. Scorpion could be one-third of an inch to 9 inches long.
It is on the earth from the last 430 million years. 1750 kinds of scorpion have been discovered out of which 25 are so dangerous that they can lead any human to death. It pains a lot when it bites. Scorpion is present everywhere except Antarctica.

Humans killed Every Year

3250 people die due to these scorpions every year.


The loyalty of a dog is famous. The dog belongs to the family of wolf and people pet them in homes with keen interest. People use them for hunting, protection and many other purposes. It so intelligent that it can understand the direction of an eye of his master and follow his orders without any hesitation. Now a day’s police use them for finding drugs, weapons and other criminal objects. It is used for pulling carts in the areas like Alaska. Some of its kinds are very scary but its several kinds are so cute and innocent that they catch the heart on the spot. In the western countries, it has a level of house member.
The Most Dangerous Animals for Humans in the World Last Part
It is not clear in the history that when this animal was born on this earth. But it is very clear that dog is the first animal whom man has adopted as a pet. Its remains have been found buried along the man from about 14700 years to 36000 years. According to the present information, the smallest dog found was “York Shire Treasure” which was only 2.5 inches in height and 3.45 inches long. Its weight was 113 grams only.
Whereas, the longest dog found on the Earth was “English Mastiff” whose weight was 156 kilograms and length was 8 feet. The tallest dog on earth was “Great Doyen” which was 3.5 feet tall. The senses of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling of a dog are very sharp even it can feel the magnetic field of Earth. Its average age is 10 to 13 years. They are near about 900 million in population which is increasing day by day.

Humans killed Every Year

The saddest thing is that 25000 people die due to this human-friendly animal every year.


This is long a creature without legs. Snakes are on the list of those reptiles which does not have any backbone. Many kinds of snakes have extra joints in their heads which help them to swallow those animals which are larger than their head. Snakes are present everywhere except Antarctica. Sea Snakes are present abundantly in Indian and Mediterranean Ocean. The smallest of its kind is at least 4 inches and the largest snakes could be of length 30 feet.
Their growth was started on earth nearly about 143 million years to 167 million years. Most of its kinds are not poisonous. They kill their prey by swallowing it completely or by wrapping itself around its prey. It is said that snakes do not blink their eyes. But it is not true because the eye-lashes of snakes are clear like a mirror and they are closed all the time. Snake looks through its eyelashes.
The Most Dangerous Animals for Humans in the World Last Part
It is also famous that the snake likes some kind of music but it is not true because snakes do not have ears. It has a sense that it can only feel the sound waves through its skin. Cobra snake is very famous for all the snakes. It is also known as the king of all snakes. King Cobra is a very famous term. Cobra snake is very poisonous. In the old Egyptian Culture and now in the Hindu Culture, people worship snakes. It is in the history books that Satan has distracted Adam and Eve by entering into the Heavens in the form of a snake.

Humans killed Every Year

Many kinds of medicines are made up the poison of snakes. But it is also a bitter truth that 50,000 people die due to the snakes every year.

Human Being

What should I say about human? Humans are humans. Humans are superior to all the creatures. If he chooses the path of goodness then he becomes superior to the angels and if he chooses the path of bad deeds then he becomes the follower of Satan. God has given intellectual power and mind to man. He used this power to rise up at this stage of development and progress and now he is finding the stretches of space and stars. But this thing is very sad that man has affected all the living things on the earth.

Humans killed Every Year

Unfortunately, 475000 people die due to the humans itself which is a very sad thing.


This is a very small insect and looks like a fly with two legs. It has a small trunk with which it sucks the blood from anybody. Thousands of its kinds breed on the blood of animals which have a backbone. Itching starts due to its bite of the skin. Mosquitoes also become the cause of transferring disease from one animal to the other animal. Here are the diseases caused by the bites of mosquitoes:
1. Malaria
2. Yellow Fever
3. Dengue Fever
4. Zaka Virus
Due to these diseases, mosquitoes are on the list of worlds dangerous living things. A research tells us that, they were present on the earth near about 79 million years ago. But according to some other researchers, its history is two times older than this. The most amazing thing is that only female mosquito sucks the blood, male mosquito lives on the juices of plants. Several medicines can kill them and protect humans from it.
 The Most Dangerous Animals for Humans in the World Last Part

Humans killed Every Year

1 million people die due to the diseases caused by this small looking creature.
All these facts and figures are on a side but there are two other facts too by which humanity feels ashamed. One is that no animal kills the other animal of its own family or kingdom or its own kind. This credit only goes to the man that he has killed many other men. Not only this but the killing still continues without any hesitation. Hitler and Changez Khan have killed many people. Uncounted numbers of people died in the two world wars. Many died in Japan by the atomic bomb and many are still being killed in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Kashmir, Palestine, and Burma.
The question arises is that man has made deadly weapons to kill the other men. Then why not the international organization has given the number one position to man for the most dangerous animal who kills humans?

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