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FASHIONS _ FACTS AND TRENDS FASHION Fashion is placing an increasingly important role in an individual’s life because it is considered a mean of self expression. The fashions that men and women adopt help them to identify and to differentiate with others, whether it is a life style, a religion or an attitude. Present era is an age of fashion. ...

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Ludo Star Game – Most Famous and Interesting Game of Twenty’s Century

Ludo Star Game Edited By LadLa

 Introduction: Ludo star game is a more fantastic game which has been become famous in worldwide. It is applicable for any age. It is most interesting and grabbing game nowadays. We don’t need to invest any money to bet with any player. It is just a fun. A Million players of Ludo star play this game to entertain their life. ...

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Fashion is an attitude, A real description of one’s personality.


Fashion is an attitude Preface: Many people consider that fashion means to copy the latest designs, And the latest fashion in bollywood or worldwide. They are right to some extent. But the definition I want to present, will better explain the this concept. To call a spade a spade I hope you will agree with me. That it’s an attitude ...

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Pakistan’s Fashion Trends & Bollywood’s interference in it

Fashion Trends

The topic about which i want to share my views is Pakistan’s Fashion Trends & Bollywood’s interference in it. Introduction First of all we have to know that what is Fashion? it is not that thing which suits you,while FASHION is that thing which is in trend those days, but many people are unable to learn this definition of FASHION. They ...

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