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indefinite article

INDEFINITE ARTICLE, A – DEFINITE ARTICLE – ARTICLES-PART.2 articles/ A A is used before the words starting with consonant sound. As A book, a car, a dog, a girl, a bat, a pen etc. We can notice here that these all words are not specific. While a and an just categorize them as singular countable noun. Thus a and an ...

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personality Designed By Ladla

QUALITIES OF A GOOD STUDENT PERSONALITY      GENERALLY SPEAKING Any good personality possesses urbane and good manners and morals. The respect given to a personality depends upon one’s attitude, behavior, good habits and good morals. i.e, These all things are quite dependent of each other. This is a never ending sequential process of personality building. The more this process repeats ...

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Ludo Star Game – Most Famous and Interesting Game of Twenty’s Century

Ludo Star Game Edited By LadLa

 Introduction: Ludo star game is a more fantastic game which has been become famous in worldwide. It is applicable for any age. It is most interesting and grabbing game nowadays. We don’t need to invest any money to bet with any player. It is just a fun. A Million players of Ludo star play this game to entertain their life. ...

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Poverty – A survey of the major reason blocking the way of education

Faiza Art-Education-poverty

EDUCATION AND POVERTY Education means upbringing. It’s now clear that it’s a systematic process of learning, earning and serving. If we consider learning as the first step to this journey, we need much of means to travel this step. But then the point to ponder is that whether those all basic means are available? Are they sufficient? Now we’ll discuss ...

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Education – A systematic process of Learning, Earning and Serving with a Journey to Horizon


Education Education means a manner. A manner to lead a successful and a unique lifestyle. Which gives us knowledge to identify every fact. And to improve our inner skills. It’s a key to a civilized, develop society. A Key to success Education is a basic step to travel the journey of success. It provides us with the knowledge of the ...

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Education – A base to identify purpose of a man’s life and a civilized society

Education and books

Education means “Training“.World has become a global village while some regions are too far from knowledge  to be developed. This is due to the unequal  educational systematic distribution. It’s a systematic process of learning and improving, knowledge and skills. It also helps understanding anything at school, college, university or at any institute. That gives us an enlightening experience. It is an ...

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