All the resources can perform different activities. E.g, sharing news about current affairs, trending fashions for every fields of life etc. Moreover conveying useful information for each and every things in this universe is also quite easy.

Media is mainly divided into two main categories as follows;

  • Electronic media
  • Print media

Electronic type of media is displayed via electronic devices i.e, T.V channels, mobile phones, computer etc.


While printed media is printed form of media i.e, books, newspaper, magazines and pamphlets etc.



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Media is playing a very essential role in the lives of the peoples. One can get information related to anything within moments. Undoubtedly it is a great source of awareness. It also provides news about the current affairs. Additionally it has become a weapon for helpless people. As it is a source for them to present their views and to claim their rights before law and government.

Moreover it is a vital source of entertainment. Different kinds of T.V channels are providing desired entertainment round the clock. Playing games, watching movies, dramas, cartoons have become a common fun. Technology of computer and internet is also playing a revolutionary aiding role for communication.

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  • Hence one can learn quite conveniently with the help of any type of media. As internet has vast reservoirs for educational and learning fields. Furthermore it facilitates one to get and learn information in any desired ways. Online tutors and educational material is also available for all.
  • Online business has also become popular with its help. All business dealings can be done more accurately with its aid.
  • Similarly banking system has also been handled. As all the transactions and accounts managements are handled efficiently.
  • Home budget can be managed easily.
  • All time updated awareness is also available.
  • It’s a great source of entertainment as well.
  • One can connect with anyone in the world at any time within moments.
  • Social media provides a platform to interact with any type of desired people. In addition all sites provide each type of entertainment and people can share their views, knowledge and can give feedback.
  • However it has been affecting all fields of life to a great extent.

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