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Faiza Art-Education-poverty
Faiza Art-Education-poverty

Poverty – A survey of the major reason blocking the way of education


Education means upbringing. It’s now clear that it’s a systematic process of learning, earning and serving. If we consider learning as the first step to this journey, we need much of means to travel this step. But then the point to ponder is that whether those all basic means are available? Are they sufficient? Now we’ll discuss these questions also and especially the role of poverty in this process of education.

Quality Education :

As it’s mentioned above that learning also includes alot in it. So the first and foremost things in this matter are the ways and means. Undoubtedly which are the scale for the quality education nowadays. And with the help of which parents can equip their children with the best education.

Comparison of status :

In accordance with the above mentioned fact, at the present time, only the parents having handsome earning, can provide their children with better of it. Indeed now the level of education is risen up in matter of money. Therefore only the students having a rich background, can get quality education. Because they can fulfill the expenses as higher and the best institutes offer.

At the contrary if we talk about average people’s compulsions, we can’t help discussing them. Once there been a time when education was intended to be made free for all. But we don’t observe it practically. An average person can not fulfill the costs offered by even an average institute for even a single child. Nonetheless if he has more than one, then it means those all will remain illiterate. Which means they can’t even play role in the upbringing of their society, nation and country too. In other words they will become a burden on the state. Exactly if a person who is not educated, can not pay role for the growth of his own life too. But question is that what is the fault of that person? Is the fault is to be poor? Does he not deserve quality upbringing? Why?

Identity scale :

Today’s identity scale is money, status and a rich background. That’s why ordinary people can’t afford the best quality of everything. They can’t help it except to stop giving birth to children. But are they not a human being? For a moment consider that they don’t educate their children. Then what will they do for bread and butter? Labor? Or something else? Without getting education the can’t provide. They can’t provide their family with a healthy and moderate lifestyle. We can do nothing except to bring this fact to light.

Important measures to be taken:

Undoubtedly it’s simple that we can’t do any thing. It’s the duty of government. Government should take necessary measures to spread education wholly and properly. Not only to the developed areas but the backward areas too. This field is making progress only for the rich people not for poor. And corruption is the only and the major cause of poverty. Which then causes the issue in every field. Whether it’s about studying, employment or any else one. Corruption has made ruling elite and the Government deceive their responsibilities. Owing to which specified funds and money become insufficient for the specialized fields. Therefore truth of the matter is that this all has made poor’s live from hand to mouth.

Government should rebuke and seize such activities. And should specify more flexible funds for this field. So that an average person could also play a fair role in the growth and development of the country equally. By getting education easily and equally as that of riches. These are the important steps that can make it easier for the backward areas. So that they may develop. They are backward due to lackings in these fields. The equal and the best upbringing of a country depends upon it’s education system. Which should be equally distributed to all areas.

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