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Media and its role and impacts.



The word ‘media’ is the plural of medium. This means a channel, a source or a way. Basically it’s a mean to share or to convey something to the people. It may be some sort of news, information or entertainment. Undoubtedly it’s a way of communication. If we define communication, it means a bridge of understanding. This bridge may be of words, actions or any other types.


There are many sources that can be used for communication. At the contrary with past, now this field of communication has also been developed. Different and latest means are being used. This can be described as follows;

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In old times different sorts of channels were used to communicate. In the earliest times people used gestures to communicate with each other. Later on telephone was discovered. And gradually this history passed through wireless phones, radios and now has been revolutionized.


Nowadays many latest means have been introduced. Which have sum up the long stretches of distances and times to a single click. One can communicate anyone, anywhere in the world at any time mere within a second. Modern technologies include books, magazines, newspapers, T.V, computer, mobile phones and many handheld devices like this. Moreover the addition of internet to these resources has contracted the world to a global village.

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In addition one of the most trending features, social media has revolutionized this field. As different social websites like face book, twitter, Whats app, Instagram, we chat, line, messenger and other so many sites are now becoming more popular in the world. In this way people from all over the world can connect with each other and can share their views. Whenever we want wherever we want, we can share information, news and much more of it.

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