Everything has positive as well as negative aspects and effects. Media also have negative impacts as well as follows;

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Some of the disadvantages of media are discussed below;

  • Indeed it has become a great weapon for the helpless innocent peoples but simultaneously it is being used for false purposes. Spreading fake news has also become a trend, in order to merely earn money and to create annoyance. As a result it’s creating violence and disturbance in society.
  • Latest transmission devices can be harmful for health. As over usage can disturb our routine life and our eyesight.


  • As one only needs fewer skills to use several devices that is why one must become lazy in practical life.
  • Certainly the false material relating with movies and ells’ type is misguiding the young generation. This is morally harmful in every regard.
  • Consequently it causes wastage of time and energy also.
  • It contracts one to a limited circle. As a result one can’t interact with his close relations.
  • Moreover social websites are harmful for the protection, security and defense secrets of a country.
  • Social media is also harmful for the growth of civilization. As they are making the youth addicted of false habits. A lot of inadvisable data is available on these sites. It dashes their moral to ground.

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At the present time definitely communication field has been developed with its latest technologies but as mentioned above it is damaging the civilizations. Especially trending social sites are blocking the way of practical working of life. Though it is the vital need of present time but it is giving birth to many wrong and evil addictions and habits.

It’s important to realize that media should be used for positive and peaceful purposes. Its disadvantages can harm the society morals. Hence it shouldn’t create disruption and irritation. If we use it for good objectives, we can conserve the morals of our nation and can take our civilization up. Indeed necessity is mother of invention but necessities should be positive and for the betterment of humanity. In this regard the role of government is important. Government should implement rules for its usage and activities done via it. Surely it depends upon us that how we use it, as we are responsible for our good and bad, ourselves.

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