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Ludo Star Game – Most Famous and Interesting Game of Twenty’s Century


Ludo star game is a more fantastic game which has been become famous in worldwide. It is applicable for any age. It is most interesting and grabbing game nowadays. We don’t need to invest any money to bet with any player. It is just a fun. A Million players of Ludo star play this game to entertain their life. It has been launched by Indian game developers Gameberry Labs. 

Ludo star game online:

Many players play ludo star online. a million students spend their useful time at this game.

Ludo star game  Facebook:

Ludo star is also available on Facebook. You can find easily it on the internet with the name of a Ludo star Facebook.  you can play this game, without Facebook as guest ludo play online.  but in this option, you will not be able to get gems from the Facebook friend. Gems are extra facility in this game. gems provide us another turn behalf of 2 gems.  May be to get your favorite number on chance. in this game, we have four boxes red, green, yellow and blue. you can’t choose box on your own selection.

You can log in with facebook and play with friends or play with random people.


There are different stages of Ludo star. uncategorized

Classic has been designed for basic users. It starts from 500 gold.

Masterminded people can people this game. It has the rule to kill one dice to enter the home.

Busy people can people quick variation. You have a chance to finish it within 5 minutes with killing other dice.

You can easily find it on iPhones and android as well download it on pc system.

download ludo star game from google.










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