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Fashion is an attitude, A real description of one’s personality.

Fashion is an attitude


Many people consider that fashion means to copy the latest designs, And the latest fashion in bollywood or worldwide. They are right to some extent. But the definition I want to present, will better explain the this concept. To call a spade a spade I hope you will agree with me. That it’s an attitude because it’s about you and your attitude. Actually your out look is the description of your personality. Which is all about your own thoughts and mindset. Therefore you better know, how to dress up yourself.

Actual revelation:

As it is stated before that it is an attitude. Thus this thinking will make you better understand . It doesn’t mean to copy someone else’s statuses, dressings. It also doesn’t mean to replicate the new in world. Exactly the real meaning is something else. Its the attitude, its the trend, what is yours. Certainly you only feel comfortable with the things, that are according to your tastes and temperaments. In this case the ease and the comfort is what you like the best for yourself. Not best for people to judge good or bad. And what you like the best for you, is the appropriate fashion for you. In other words what suites you, according to you, Is the best choice in the fashion. Mimicry is just useless. Because people think that what suits others, suits them also.

They think what is in market nowadays, is proper for them and can cast a spell over the mass. No, this is not the true concept I think. This idea should be rooted out, root and branch. I fancy that a person can better understand his personality and attitude. So he can decide what better matches him. What makes him enchanting, gorgeous and good looking. That’s the actual meaning. People’s false idea about it has made them copy cat. In addition they do copy and think they are really looking good. Actually this is not so. Duplication is after all duplication. And it doesn’t suite in this matter. As they can’t understand that copying can not make them attractive. Actually the things you think better for yourself are the appropriate for you. Because your taste, your desire, your attitude, can better define your personality finely.


Only you know your temperaments, just you can understand yourself, sheer you can describe yourself. As your fashion describes your personality. And this is the only secret in it’s adoption. You always want to be what you wish. And your wishes are not same as someone else’s. So if wishes, trends and attitude can not be same. So why copying the same trends? It mere means to live in a fool’s paradise. Its better to have a different look according to you, in each type. So break fresh ground, in accordance with your thoughts. Well! Briefly speaking this is the only true clarification in choosing or adopting a right fashion of any kind.

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