In attempting exam paper effectively some of helping tips are given below;

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To make proper headings, makes our paper well organized and good looking. So try to make proper heading in exam sheet. But do not make excessive unnecessary headings. As it feeds the examiner up. Remember that no headings are given in English essays so don’t give. Rather it is better to right the main points in the beginning of the essay. Additionally try to bold the important sentence such as definition. Also bold the key points and the main words. i.e,

Different tissues combine to make cell. Cell is the basic unit of life.

This enables the examiner to understand that you have prepared well. Also these tips help you make your concepts clear. And the examiner doesn’t have to check in detail.




Don’t over attempt the questions in exam sheet. And answer exactly to the point. Don’t add unnecessary details in any question. Just fulfill the requirement of the question. References add a good texture to our creative writing. But use properly and don’t use excessive references. To the point and right attempting without over writing will lead you to achieve your goal.

One more thing to remember is that don’t write the questions on the answer sheet. Just write question no. and start your answer. Numbering should also be proper.


Keep remember one thing that always use the same pen, you use commonly in school, college the whole year. Because the new one may suffer you during the paper. As you haven’t proper grip over that. It may cause trouble for you. In other words use the same weapon to fight against the battle, you use in practice.

Always reach the examination fully prepared in time. And carry transparent sheet geometry box to avoid time wastage in checking.

These are some of the tips following which you can do well in exams.

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