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Education – A systematic process of Learning, Earning and Serving with a Journey to Horizon


Education means a manner. A manner to lead a successful and a unique lifestyle. Which gives us knowledge to identify every fact. And to improve our inner skills. It’s a key to a civilized, develop society.

A Key to success

Education is a basic step to travel the journey of success. It provides us with the knowledge of the world and the universe. Which is a destination to that journey of success. Generally i believe that education means;


It’s a process to learn, earn and serve. Which can be modified more as follows:

As every society provides us with basic rights to get education. Through which we learn. We can explore every fact of life and of anything else. We also can reveal every aspects and all the mysteries, hidden in this mysterious universe. For which Almighty Allah also orders the Muslims, in their sacred book; The Holy Quran. Learning can pose both the negative and positive effects. It depends on our minds, thoughts and approaches. That what is good or bad. It’s the only way to improve our knowledge and to get a virtual thoughts and views. We can learn by various means according to the facilities provided. But with all those ways and means, we also need proper guide to learn the knowledge rightly.


Education creates the sense to live a standard lifestyle. A sense to differentiate a standard and a lower way of living. This modification arouses a wish within us to live a healthy and peaceful living. Which are the consequences of the learning. By learning we only can differentiate between good and bad. But it’s not the only need to live a standard lifestyle.

Facilities can not be self generated. A man can be jack of all trades, but the master of none. However rest of the facilities can be purchased. For which we need money. And this need of money gives birth to “Earning“. As to provide oneself with basic requirements and necessities, one has to earn. And earning in the consequences of learning is the best and the most powerful way. As in this field, we can easily earn a healthy living. It also helps us to decide our future. Without it, it’s hard to make both ends meet.


After learning and earning the third and the final gain is “Serving“. When a man learns, he becomes aware of the fact that he can improve his life by purchasing some of the facilities. In this way every individual makes his life good. Owing to which the growth of the country and the growth rate is enhanced. A country can make progress efficiently if the education is provided throughout the whole country. The backward areas should also be equally graded and provided with the basic needs to be developed. This is the secret for the progress of a country. And patriotism is the first and foremost duty of a habitant. So the outcome of learning and earning is serving. Serving the family, society, nation and the homeland.

The facts narrated above lightens and makes us able to differentiate good and bad. No doubt that it’s the secret of success meanwhile it is being used negatively. It’s being utilized for bad intentive purposes and activities. Which is not the actual and the just gain. At the present time we are running the race of pride, power, money, with our kith and keens, rather with all the world.

It’s objective is forgotten. What was it’s purpose? It’s a profession of the Holy Prophets of the Almighty Allah. It was introduced to create sense and to polish the innerselves. It’s motive was to serve the humanity. But a fight has aroused in this world. The real teachings have forgotten. In short the need of time is that it should be used for the wellness of human beings. It’s aim should be peaceful and fruitful, for ourselves, nation, community and for the country also. For more details about education , follow this link Pkportals Wikipedia

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