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Education – A base to identify purpose of a man’s life and a civilized society

Education means “Training“.World has become a global village while some regions are too far from knowledge  to be developed. This is due to the unequal  educational systematic distribution. It’s a systematic process of learning and improving, knowledge and skills. It also helps understanding anything at school, college, university or at any institute. That gives us an enlightening experience.

It is an essential tool for everyone to get success in life. Earn respect and recognition. It plays great role in everyone’s life as it brings positive effects on human life.It provides ability to think in both aspects, positive and negative. Which helps to get surety and to handle the situation. It’s the most easy way to enhance our knowledge. We can also expand our skills to have clear view over the world. We can learn by watching T.V,reading books,discussion and by other various means. Proper knowledge identifies our career goals and teaches us to live in more civilized manner. We can not live our life without education. As without it, we can not develop a healthy surrounding. And can not generate an advanced community.

Everything in life is based upon the knowledge and skills of the people which ultimately comes from education.The bright future of the individuals,society,community and country depends upon the system of education getting followed.Increasing the demand of more technological advancements in life enhances the scope of quality education.

It assists scientists in research works,invention of equipment,devices,machines and other technologies required for modern life. However,people living in backward areas of country are still not able to get proper education because of the lack of some basic requirements of life. They are still fighting with their daily routine needs.
We should try to have equal opportunities of good educating system for everyone whether living in rich or poor regions.We need to bring knowledge awareness equally throughout the country for better growth and development.

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