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Co-Education | Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Education

Co-Education | Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Education Part-1

Education system plays a vital role in making the world a better place to survive in a respectful and civilized manner. A country can develop only if it has a strong education system because there would be no progress without education. Making people educated is the foremost necessity of a society. A good education system develops gender equality. It’s the responsibility of the system to develop such an environment where gender discrimination is not followed.
Most of the education system follows that system, where both genders study to-gather with dignity and respect. But still, some people or some systems have conflicts. They did not respect that system. Hundreds of doubts are there about such system. Let’s see it.


A system where both genders (male and female) study to-gather in the same educational institute. Or center to get them educated is called co-education system.

Importance of Co-Education System

In that system, both the genders study by cooperating with one another and also from the institution. Helping one another and getting knowledge from fellow students would be beneficial for them. Different groups study to-gather to share the concept of one another, in a respected way. Many institutions take this as a healthy system and would tool it. This is the duty of system to develop a climate of respect between the students. Both have equal status and rights. On the other side, the same amount would oppose the co-education system.
 Co-Education | Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Education

Let see some of the advantages of this system.


1. Develop Respect for Opposite Gender

Studying in an educational system where both gender study with equal status develops mutual respect for one another. Living and studying at the same institute would let them understand the nature of one another. This would develop mutual understanding between them. They take part in different activities like academics, sports and cultural. Both of them also take part and help each other in performing different activities. They let know the nature of fellows and behave according to that nature. Being with opposite gender for a long time allows you to know the strength and flaws of one another. This will help them accept people with different personalities.

2. Reduction of Fear of Opposite Gender

As there are a lot of differences in both the genders in their behavior and habits. This brings out hesitation in making a healthy conversation with one another. Both boys and girls face this problem. This can be overcome by developing an environment where both the genders interact with one another in a friendly manner. Co-Education system allows them to do so. In future, both the genders have to face each-other. Thus they must have enough training to talk to opposite gender with ease. This system reduces shyness and hesitation among students.
 Co-Education | Advantages and Disadvantages of Co-Education

3. Helps to develop a Healthy Competition

Competition is very important in every phase of life, whether it’s personal or professional. And in the educational field, its importance increases ten times. A healthy competition is very important in studies to buck up yourself. As it’s a natural fact that in front of opposite gender, we try to give our best whether it is in studies or sports. This education system helps us to improve our standards and make us able to compete. Failure also teaches us a lot, so that when we go to professional life we are able to accept the up and downs of life bravely. Co-Education teach us a lot about living in a competitive world. It teaches us how to rebuild yourself after getting failed.
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